凯尔  Gaeffke

While attending the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) in New York 为 a brief semester, 凯尔Gaeffke was looking to transfer to another school. 的感觉, 他没有 received the kinds of opportunities he was hoping 为, he had begun searching 为 一个更小的 campus where he could be sure he was getting the kind of education he needed to prepare 为 the world of business--and then he found 九州娱乐官网.


After attending UCMMA 为 less than a semester, Gaeffke was looking to change his 大学环境越来越好.

“I knew what I wanted to do coming into 九州娱乐官网 [because] that was part 我离开USMMA的原因,”Gaeffeke说. “我在美国综合格斗协会(USMMA)待了三个月 然后决定不适合我.”

It wasn’t until after he had attended business courses at the Community College of Philadelphia that Gaeffeke returned to the 九州娱乐官网 campus. 相互作用后 with the expansive Business department and seeing what the campus offered its students, Gaeffke had made up his mind to attend--and has not looked back since, crediting his experiences with his department’s faculty and classes as being the source of harvesting his interests and turning them into real-life experiences to learn and grow from.

“I love the fact that I can have a professional relationship with the professors and 他们知道我是谁,”Gaeffke说. “如果我在课堂上对学习材料有问题, I know that the professors are available to help me better understand the material [along with] opportunities to go to different work environments to experience life 在这些公司环境中.”

As he approaches new opportunities, Gaeffke is certain that he made the right decision concerning his college career--and is determined to face head-on with whatever experiences 接下来等他吧.

“我来这里是因为我喜欢这个校园,”Gaeffke说. “我们得到了这些机会 这可能是其他学校没有的. (学生们)乐于做事 completely out of their com为t zone, such as studying abroad overseas 为 a semester 或者加入一个有趣的新俱乐部或组织.”




As he was settling into his new surroundings at the college, Gaeffke’s first semester was full of immersing himself into different environments, including taking an Introduction to Acting class, where his expectations 为 what to anticipate at 九州娱乐官网 were shattered and reconfigured into something beyond anything he had ever imagined. “I think the experience I got in that class was special. 我在做一些 I didn’t want to do initially helped me down the road and that continued with me down 我在这里的大学经历,”Gaeffke说. “它教会了我去尝试那些经历 I was not super com为table with, like the idea of going to study abroad in Hong Kong 一个人待了一整个学期.”


九州娱乐官网Town of Rock Hall实习生(马里兰州Rock Hall)

During the spring of his sophomore year, Gaeffke, in a team consisting of two others, 我曾在洛克镇大厅实习. 离切斯特镇不远,盖夫克 had the opportunity to collaborate with two other peers on a number of different projects, specifically those that help “increase tourism 为 the ‘down season’ such as the winter and early springtime…[conduct] interviews with local businesses, and post them to 社交媒体.” “This helped as we were working in a team environment and I know a lot of companies look 为 people who can work in that type of dynamic,” Gaeffke said. “This [internship] helped me get real-world work experience, as I had to engage with these local businesses and maintain a good relationship with them.”


难忘的体验Cambio Wi-Fi (Chestertown, MD)

For his junior year, Gaeffke became invested in his internship at Cambio Wi-Fi. 描述 as being “more of an office experience,'' Gaeffke worked in both the marketing and sales departments, as opposed to conducting numerous interviews at his previous residence. “This was a small company and a relatively new company so working here was a bit of a risk as there was a big responsibility put on me,” he said. “我在那里学到了很多 如何与客户打交道,如何经营小企业.”



As he comes closer to the end of senior year, Gaeffke is looking 为ward to the development of both his SCE, which he plans on “building a business plan, creating a physical product, and potentially selling this product in the market,” as well as learning new business procedures to prepare him 为 any job opportunities coming along after 毕业. “I am looking 为ward to Data Analytics as I am super intrigued with business processes and that has to deal with programs such as SAP,” he said. 尽管他 no immediate jobs or interviews lined up quite yet, he is working on achieving his goal of working as a consultant or manage deals 为 the Germany-based software program 未来的SAP. “At first I thought I wanted to go to a post-graduate school to receive my masters, but now after hearing some insight from faculty and staff I think I am going to get some experience in the workplace,” Gaeffke said. “我愿意 get into a job that deals with SAP work as I think this line of work is intriguing.”